Obama releases birth certificate: now can we get down to serious business?

The big news this morning is that President Obama has released his long-form Hawaiian birth certificate, perhaps (we hope) finally settling the (ridiculous) question of whether he was really born in the US and is thus a “natural born citizen,” qualified to be president. From CNN:

President Obama released his original birth certificate Wednesday, saying the controversy surrounding the issue had become a “sideshow.”


“We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do,” said Obama.

The surprise release follows recent and sustained remarks by businessman Donald Trump, among others, that raised doubts as to whether the president was born in the United States.

“Over the last two and half years, I have watched with amusement. I have been puzzled with the degree with which this thing just kept going,” Obama told reporters Wednesday.

I’m not sure which is more cynical or self-serving: that last statement of Obama’s or Donald Trump’s crow of victory and vindication:

Donald Trump, who helped drive questions over President Obama’s birth certificate, said the release Wednesday was a victory for him because he made the president act.

“I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully, getting rid of this issue,” he said, though he said more investigation has to be done. “Now we have to look at it, see is it real, is it proper.”

Oh, please. Let’s get one thing straight: the only reason Obama finally released the birth certificate was that Trump was gaining traction with his grandstanding charges and private investigators, and so withholding it no longer served Obama’s purpose.

Yes, you read that right. When a desperate Hillary Clinton campaign first made the allegations of foreign birth during the Democratic primaries, the Obama campaign realized they had a gold mine on their hands. By refusing to release it, they knew it was like waving a red flag in front of conspiracy-theorist bulls — they wouldn’t be able to resist.  Obama, Axelrod, Emanuel, Plouffe, and the rest knew they could use the Right-wing equivalent of 9/11 Truthers to tar legitimate opponents with the brush of lunacy, and they did just that. As William Jacobson wrote back in 2009:

Who are the primary beneficiaries of the conspiracy theory? Not the people pushing it; they remain on the fringe. Not the Republican party.

No, the primary beneficiary of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory is Obama. He is running the country into the ground at break-neck speed, but the conspiracy theory has handed Democratic operatives like Media Matters, Think Progress, and all the left-wing blogs which jump when the whistle blows, a great way of distracting the public from the damage being done.


So stop looking for the birth certificate, and start reading the health-care-reduction bill, the cap-and-tax fiasco bill, the unemployment numbers, the national debt and deficit analyses, and the latest Obama speech apologizing for who we are. And contact your Congressman and Senator and demand they read legislation, and give the public opportunity for comment, before they vote on it.

Well, two years later we now have the long-form certificate. Happy? Can we now get back to the serious matters of policy Professor Jacobson listed? Can we deal with real analysis of what shaped Obama’s character and political beliefs? Can we deal with the issues facing the nation with the seriousness they deserve(1)?

Barack Obama is on a fast-track to going down as one of the worst presidents of the last hundred years, and maybe even since the immortal trio of Fillmore, Pierce, and Buchanan. The birth-certificate controversy has been a sucker’s trap for the Right and the gift that keeps on giving for Obama. Now that he’s released the certificate, can we let it go and concentrate on the real work of getting rid of the man who wants to fundamentally transform America… into Greece?

Let’s hope so.

LINKS: My blog-buddy ST beat me to the punch. Curse that Eastern Time Zone!   Ed Morrissey goes off on The Donald. If we’re lucky, Trump’s candidacy will now fade. Memeorandum has tons of links.


(1) Some will never give up, sure that the released long form is a fake — a fake I say!! After all…

3 Responses to Obama releases birth certificate: now can we get down to serious business?

  1. Cump says:

    I have to demure about the value of the birth certificate issue to the President.

    The issue hurt Obama. The question of why he refused to release the documents including the birth certificate helped encourage an air of illegitimacy around the President. The fact that only 38% of Americans believed he was born in the United States, prior to the release of this document, is significant, and that illegitimacy will not go away with the relase of the long form.

    One advantage for the President is that it will make it difficult to get information on other facets of his life…but that is far less important, now, than it is to increase the feeling among the American People that this man is not truthful, honest or competent.

  2. Steve in TN says:

    A piece more in line with what most of us catching heck from you guys were wanting can be found at Power Line (http://bit.ly/mNxtWw).

    “The mystery has always been, why was Obama so reluctant to release his long-form birth certificate? There have been two possible explanations: 1) the birth certificate contains some embarrassing information that Obama would prefer not to make public; or 2) he thought the “birther” controversy was hurting Republicans, and therefore wanted to keep it going.”

    For the most part, the reason for those of us refusing to “let go” of the birth certificate issue can be found in that statement. Those of you who have engaged in castigation on those of us wanting light shed on the matter have done so in error; Obama has been deceitful in this issue, as in others, and the deceit warranted exposure. After all, members of the armed forces, citizens who have bled to preserve our freedom, currently sit in military prison over Obama’s refusal to adequately address this matter.

    An answer from Obama should have come in 2008 before the election. The attention – and condemnation – on this matter from fellow conservatives should be on Obama’s three year deceit and not on the proper questioning from honest citizens.

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