When Texas burns, the Fed rushes into action… in Mexico??

In case you missed it, much of Texas is burned up, literally; according to Kevin Williamson at NRO, about 3400 square miles have gone up in flames, an area the size of Puerto Rico. Williamson uses this fact to excoriate President Obama for coming to Texas to raise money and sell his non-starter of an immigration plan while refusing to even tour devastated areas, let alone declaring a federal disaster area.

But he saves the cherry on the sundae for last:

To its credit, the Obama administration has dispatched aircraft to help with the firefighting . . . in Mexico.


Following Williamson’s link, we find that he really did:

Two specially equipped U.S. Air Force cargo planes left Colorado on Saturday to help battle wildfires in northern Mexico.

The C-130s were requested by the Mexican government and the U.S. State Department, a U.S. Northern Command spokesman said.

The planes can spray about 3,000 gallons of fire retardant in a matter of seconds from a system of pressurized tanks called Modular Aerial Fire Fighting System or MAFFS.

The fires have burned 386 square miles in Mexico — one-ninth of what’s been destroyed in Texas — and yet the Obama administration won’t send help to Texas but will to Mexico? Mr. President… Barry… WTF??

Oh, and you want to know the best part? The planes will be flying from a base… in Texas.

That sound you heard was the sound of the back of Obama’s hand meeting Governor Perry’s face.

Look, I have no problem helping Mexico, per se; we have plenty of resources in the Western states. But it seems to me that you take care of your own people, first, and then lend what you can spare to help the neighbors. This looks like nothing more than the administration taking out its petty anger at Texas and its governor for not voting for Obama and for not supporting his policies. President Peevish apparently only helps those who help him, regardless of the duties of his job.

So, let’s consider. On the one hand:

  • He seemed indifferent to the  flooding that devastated Nashville in 2010.
  • He is ignoring fires that are ravaging Texas in 2011.
  • He is wrecking the Gulf Coast economy with his permitorium, in defiance of a federal court order.

On the other:

Three-to-one. I’d say it’s pretty clear his natural instincts are to go with the “gangster government” approach to governance: “If you play nice, you get help. But if you cross me, you can burn for all I care.”


via Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt

CLARIFICATION: The linked article discussing planes sent to help Mexico is from April 16th, nearly a month ago. I should have noted that and apologize for any confusion. However, as an article from the Christian Science Monitor, dated just two days later, shows, Governor Perry was asking for help way back then. So, why the hold up?

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7 Responses to When Texas burns, the Fed rushes into action… in Mexico??

  1. Insane. He is fiddling a ranchero tune while Texas burns. Unbelievable.

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  3. Janet Strother says:

    I agree and am also torn. My boyfriend is hispanic so am I to say,”it’s ok to let my children’s family burn?”I think maybe it’s because hispanic is building America up for practically nothing hourly wage wise where a American wants to sit and collect welfare and demand $15.00 a hour where a hispanic will do the same job for $5.00 in 1\2 the time.

    • jay says:

      i’d be willing to work for almost nothing as well with the free benefits these illegals are getting! com’on man….wake up!

    • jay says:

      illegals put just as much a strain, if not more, on the welfare system than the dirtbags that live here do.

    • jay says:

      i should also correct you on your attempt to be politically correct. hispanics come from hispania or the iberian peninsula. the illegals you are referring to come from mexico….people from mexico are mexicans. when defending your childrens’ family, you should probably have a better understanding of what they are…lends more credibility.

  4. bj teston says:

    obama is courting the hispanic people for their vote..he doesn’t care if any of us burn as long as he gets the hispanic vote..at the rate things are going there will be more hispanics in usa than in mexico..

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