Just testing Windows Live Writer 2011, which I just discovered on the new Public Secrets Hamster-Powered Supercomputer. This is a picture, centered: DSC00278This is a table (it would be neat if I could finally do tables in WP):


Won’t bother with the smileys. The Microsoft selection is still El Stinko.

UPDATE: Hmm… It’s much improved over prior versions, but I may only use it when I need tables. For one, it posts thumbnails of all images, whereas I may want to use a larger size. Hence, I’d need to manually edit. Second, it still has that bad Microsoft habit of throwing unnecessary HTML code into a post, something that’s always bugged me.

Oh well.

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  1. gparks says:

    Interesting. I only started using it; I found it to be one of the few M$ tools I actually *used* from the suite of “Live” tools… I know they put a boatload of extra HTML in (which I never understood…). I wich I blogged more.

    • Yeah, I used to use it quite a bit, back when this blog was on Typepad. It’s nice to be able to compose and save drafts offline; I’m just not sure if it offers me much more than the current WP online editor I’m using.

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