I weep

U.S. must rely upon the Russians for access to space

I remember when we had a space program.

via The Tatler

7 Responses to I weep

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  2. Linda says:

    I remember when we were a proud country.

    I remember when we were an adventuring, exploring country.

    I remember when we were *LEADERS*, not apologetic followers.

  3. & if we’d go back to pushing rotten old tin cans into space, instead of fancy gliders covered with overpriced bathroom tiles, we’d be a few billion dollars ahead & probably still going, too.

  4. MadAlfred says:

    It gets worse when we start depending on a shrunken British Navy to protect out Atlantic coast. 🙂

  5. captaingrumpy1 says:

    This president is doing sooo much damage to the country that I can only hope it can re-emerge as it once was.
    That is the Republicans running the show with all the commie Democrats just whining cause thats what they do best.

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