Three reasons why the debt debate is nonsense

From Reason.TV, those reasons are:

  1. The August 2nd deadline is fake.
  2. Reaching the debt ceiling does not mean default.
  3. And “legislation by crisis creates lousy policy.”

I think that about covers it. Can we cut the crap and get down to business, now?

via Big Government

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3 Responses to Three reasons why the debt debate is nonsense

  1. captaingrumpy1 says:

    There are only a few in power that can verify your stance. I believe you,but that’s just proof of how little the power brokers of this country know about the financial side of things. They just pass laws and spend,(on both sides). They don’t know where % of GDP goes or anything like that.If I operated my home budget like that,I would be in the doghouse,with Fido running amok in my house.We must have a board in place on the wall of Congress that states the expenditure at any given time,It might get 2% of the people to think,but it’s better than 0%.

  2. Hey, Cap’n! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Since we’re finally getting serious about “the Debt” let us at least be clear-eyed: absolutely nothing done by the GOP will change the fact that we have a massive population dedicated to exactly one purpose: voting themselves (and, you know, in the interests of
    “charity”, everyone else, too) more treats from the FedGov.

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