Plant a garden, go to jail

Oh, the evil of people trying to be self-sufficient, and the obscenity of doing it in public — in front of the neighbors!!

Presenting Reason.TV‘s Nanny of the Month: Oak Park, Michigan, official Kevin Rulkowski, whose objection to Julie Bass’ front-yard garden might cost her 93 days in jail.

Now, I’m not wholly without sympathy for Mr. Rulkowski; I was taught in real estate classes that uniformity in look helps maintain house prices, and I’m sure many of us have had to suffer with neighbors who park junk vehicles on their front lawns or paint their houses garish, eye-hurting colors. (Such as the bright orange house with black trim near me.) So I can see some reason to sensible zoning regulations.

But a garden? Really? Jail time? Seriously??

Rulkowski should leave Ms. Bass and her garden alone and concentrate on a real problem — such as rogue lemonade stands.

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One Response to Plant a garden, go to jail

  1. MasonDickerson4 says:

    I think you are on the right track. With the ATF’s little gun running expedition, it seems the government is the last entity to trust. If you sell Highly classified documents to N. Korea, or China and the United States agents catch you, what happens? You go to trial for TREASON, if convicted you may face the death penalty. If you bring the Most powerful Nation (U.S.A.) to it’s knees and destroy or economy, our security and the overall health of the country, what happens? Nothing

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