Irishman in London: “I hope they rot in Hell!”

And lest you think he’s expressing an Irishman’s traditional hostility towards the British, he’s telling the rioters to go to Hell. Oh, and he also helped to safety a terrified 90-year old woman whom nobody else seemed to give a damn about, so I think he’s earned the right to tell those marauding jackasses to go to Hell:

This has been going on for, what, 2-3 days now? The police are nearly overwhelmed, the fire brigades can’t cover all the blazes, citizens’ property and livelihoods are being destroyed, their lives endangered, all by an anarcho-nihilist mob that has taken the measure of the State and found it weak and timid. What was once the capital of the world now looks like something out of 28 Days Later.

So, forgive the probably naive question, but when does Prime Minister David Cameron remember he’s the heir to Pitt and Salisbury and Churchill, grow a pair, and send in the Army?

via Big Peace

2 Responses to Irishman in London: “I hope they rot in Hell!”

  1. John Wright says:

    Private citizens in and on the outskirts of these riotous areas can not even form a militia. Has any citizens have firearms? The government is failing them. Here in “the states” it’s always confined to the area of the anarchists themselves. They know better.

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