President Zero

Here’s Rick Perry’s new campaign ad:

Good one, isn’t it? I’d say it’s up there with recent videos from Sarah Palin, which have also been excellent.

I love the contrast between the images of a rundown America and the president’s words — the crumbling Obama poster is a nice touch. And while most commenters I’ve seen have focused on the “President Zero” voice-over, to me the most effective moments come at a couple of points where one can just hear what sounds like an air-raid siren in the background, signalling “we’re in trouble.” And then comes a very effective transition to the images and words of Governor Perry, strongly projecting his own message of hope and change, something Obama can no longer run on… unless as a self-satire.

Well done!

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4 Responses to President Zero

  1. I’m still open-minded on Perry, I greatly fear that some Republican will sell the American people out to hardcore socialism. I will fight to the death to prevent America from becoming communist, and Obama and his pals, I have no doubt, would gladly oblige me.

  2. Craig says:

    Republican candidates certainly do have some talented filmmakers working for them. This ad looked like a trailer for some epic, end-of-the-world, good-versus-evil feature. Which in many ways it is.

  3. The Cape Fear Constitution says:

    Perry can talk a good talk, but will he walk the walk. The filmmakers in this ad are definitely talented. The ad is exciting and emotionally appealing. Will Perry take government and steer it toward limited government? Will he attempt to get government out of the economy? I don’t get that feeling from him. To me he seems like another silver tongued snake of a politician.

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