Bill Whittle on the Occupy Wall Street movement

Brother Bill calls out the Anarcho-Socialist “protesters” of the “Occupy” movement for the spoiled brats they are and suggests a solution:

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2 Responses to Bill Whittle on the Occupy Wall Street movement

  1. eric says:

    I loved it until he got to not making the old money do the 3.5 days like the people would do it. Im sorry but im just not gonna thank monsanto for gmo food and the lovely new e coli that is so pervasive,etc,etc,etc. If I am living my life do I have time to ride herd on politicians bought off by big corps? I can stay informed but how do I eat and quit my job to do an elected officials job for them? Seems to me alot of this woe in the world is caused by bad journalism.. If I cant get good info then I have to quit my job and become the news and then starve during the transition time

  2. Stosh says:

    Re: Whittle Refrigeration
    Why would this be “thought provoking?” In a country with the third or fourth highest standard of living in the world, most families have refrigerators! Tada. That PROVES everything is copasetic. If you like to talk about “class war fair” re-listen to this stuff. It doesn’t get anymore “war fare-ish” (oh, and I’ve heard lots of people on the news and in person express appreciation for things like food stamps and rent subsidies…he (and the Heritage Foundation haven’t heard them, because they don’t listen in those circles) than this.

    Conveniently missing from his bar charts of “goods” are bar charts on life expectance, infant mortality, college educations, school dropout rates, unemployment rates by race, home ownership, access to health care, cancer death rates, heart attacks….. but they got them there refrigerators ….and old Frigidaire with no front ice water/ice cube dispenser and no side by side freezer.

    I wonder, in the waning days of the Roman Empire, did the Patricians have their own “Heritage Foundation?”

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