I’m insensitive and proud


Fame and recognition (of a sorts) at last. Your humble correspondent took two spots in the “The Most Insensitive Tweets in the Aftermath of the Occupy Oakland Shooting” at the SF Weekly. See for yourself:

(Click the image for the larger version. Slight language warning.)

I want to thank all the little people who made this possible, especially all the Occupiers who are trashing Oakland and wrecking local businesses — with sensitivity, I’m sure. Without you, I couldn’t have found my inner “insensitive” self.

Oh, and for the record, Mr. Scherstuhl, my tweets weren’t referring to the guy who got shot. The first was part of an argument with a Lefty supporter of the Occupy movement about Occupy Oakland’s trashing of the city; the second was in response to the “sensitive” behavior of the new Vandals toward the police and news crews dealing with the shooting.

I realize you have deadlines, but you might try following the conversation next time.

But thanks for the awards!

LINKS: My blog buddy on this great moment, plus with video of Occupy Denver’s attempted invasion of BlogCon 11. Too funny to miss.

7 Responses to I’m insensitive and proud

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  2. Libs Suck says:

    Honestly, these actions from the OWS crowd only bolster my contention that they need to be required to carry either firearms or machete’s next spring when they gather again.

    Imagine how wonderful it would be to have all these dear children bumbling around with razor sharp machete’s or pistols. Perhaps the various Democrat city governments could find the wisdom to squash this foolishness then – and if not, then they could wipe each other out. Darwin’s Law of Mob Behavior – let the games begin.

  3. WilliamTeach says:

    LOL! Funny how the libs wet their panty shield over the tweets, yet, had no problem with the disgusting stuff said when Reagan passed on, Laura Ingraham got cancer, etc and so on.

    Linking this tomorrow for Patriotic Pinup

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