A governor turns the table on #OWS — UPDATED, fresh video

The Occupiers all like to claim they’re into mass democracy: general assemblies, voting by up and down-twinkles, free speech, and all that jazz. And all while making obnoxious prats of themselves. Prats who don’t understand a thing about real democratic societies… but I digress.

Anyway, it shouldn’t be surprising that I took a special joy in seeing Colorado Governor Hickenlooper (D!) and the crowd he had come to address use democracy against the Occupiers.


Major up-twinkles.

via Jonah Goldberg

UPDATE: The original video was suppressed after a copyright claim by an Occupier named Michael Clifton. Hey, Mikey! Other people had cameras, too:

Thanks to Moe Lane, who observes…

Suuuuure.  Now they care about private property.  Doesn’t information want to be free, Michael Clifton?


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2 Responses to A governor turns the table on #OWS — UPDATED, fresh video

  1. anonymous says:

    Could someone please explain what’s happening in the video at 4:30? Who is the woman with the video camera? Who is the bearded man? Why is she taping him, rather than the speaker? As he walked away, why did she grab the papers out of his hand? Who did she give them to? Why?

  2. anonymous says:

    By “Who …”, I really mean to ask “What is the role of …”. I’m not interested in names, but rather what’s really going on? (Sorry, that was my first-ever post to a blog. I need to learn to communicate more clearly, especially so early in the morning.)

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