The real legacy of Margaret Thatcher

With the release of “The Iron Lady,” there’s been a renewed interest in the person and political career of Margaret Thatcher, in my opinion the second-greatest (1) British Prime Minister of the 20th century. The film has received mixed reviews (also) generally crediting Meryl Streep for a great performance that lifted a problematic script. I haven’t seen the film, myself, so can’t comment on how accurate it is.

The Heritage Foundation, however, was concerned that the film would underplay the great things Thatcher accomplished in Britain by resolutely applying conservative principles. So, they produced this short video reminding us of the Iron Lady’s legacy:

(1) Winston Churchill will always be the greatest. Always.

PS: Sorry about the non-posting this weekend, folks. The NFL playoffs took priority. How ’bout them 49ers?

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3 Responses to The real legacy of Margaret Thatcher

  1. Chris says:

    The Chicago sports talk station was debating where Mike Singletary fits on the list of worst coaches ever. They had him top ten, maybe top five. They think Harbaugh’s crazy too, but in a better way.

    That was a classic game.

    • Yeah, Mike was a bust as a coach, as was Nolan before him. Odd thing is, most of the players on the team this year were their choices. Really shows what good coaching can do.

  2. Lawrence Hamilton says:

    I am doing a project on her, and I need to know her legacy. Thanks(:

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