White Democrat Congressman questions Allen West’s Black “authenticity”

Honestly, Jim Moran (D-Jackass) is such an embarrassment to his office, I’m surprised he isn’t from my state. As it is, he’s Virginia’s shame.

From Breitbart TV, via my blog-buddy, ST:

Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) went on MSNBC’s “dog whistle” expert Martin Bashir’s show and unleashed an assault on freshman Rep. Allen West (R-FL) that focused exclusively on the unrelated subject of Congressman West’s African American heritage. Not only does he refer to the black congressman in terms of the African animal, the hyena, he ties the animal to its depiction in the “Lion King”. Both the movie and the play portrayed the hyenas as “jive-talking” (NPR) “gangstas” (Newsweek). If that wasn’t enough – yet unnoticed by Bashir who tried to falsely connect Andrew Breitbart to racism in an interview last year – Moran doubled and tripled down on his racist tirade – even challenging the black congressman’s black authenticity.

Will the Caucasian representative be held to the same standard of racial insensitivity by MSNBC’s team of racial hysterics led by Rev. Al Sharpton, Toure and a whole host of other progressive liberals who seek to stifle dissent by reflexively discovering racism in all political disagreement coming from the right?

If this were a White Republican congresscritter questioning the “authenticity” of, say, Democrats Jim Clyburn or Maxine Waters, you can bet your sweet bippy that there would be outraged calls for apologies, resignation, censure by the House, expulsion, and even the transportation of Tea Party Republicans to concentration camps.

Okay, I was joking with that last one. Kind of.

I’m sure we’ll see ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN jumping all over this. Right after they’re done investigating Sarah Palin’s tanning bed.

As for me, I don’t want to see an apology (it would be fake, anyway) or any of those other things. I just want the voters of Virginia’s 8th district to do the right thing and crush this bug in the next election.

Seriously, Alexandria — is Jim Moran really what you want representing you to the nation?

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6 Responses to White Democrat Congressman questions Allen West’s Black “authenticity”

  1. Bob says:

    I read recently that the gay baseball league threw out some of its players for not being gay enough. I don’t know what not gay enough means, and believe me, I don’t want to know. But saying Allen West isn’t black enough is even weirder, especially when anyone who isn’t blind can see that he’s blacker than our food stamp president — who, despite being light-skinned and not having a Negro dialect unless he wants one, is black enough to qualify as “America’s first black president,” even though that honor had previously been given to Bill Clinton…. I’m going to quit now before I get a headache from all this tortured reasoning….

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  4. MadAlfred says:

    Just another example that affirms my view that Leftists are far more insidious racists than than the most bigoted of conservatives.

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