#Occupy — They’re not very bright, are they?

February 12, 2012

If you’re going to protest a minion of the Evil One-Percent(tm) –in this case, a state government official concerned about the integrity of the elections he supervises– you might try protesting in the right room

I saw a very funny example of the ineptness of the Occupy protesters today. I was at CPAC to speak on a panel on voter fraud and the 2012 election with John Fund, Catherine Engelbrecht, and David Norcross. We got to our ballroom as the prior session was winding up. It was being hosted by David Keene of the NRA and the panelists were talking about criminal-justice reform and the Second Amendment.

As the panelists were speaking, two Occupy protesters walked up to the stage and unrolled a big banner attacking Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas. Kobach is a very smart lawyer who worked at the Bush Justice Department and was elected secretary of state in 2010. He has raised the ire of liberals because of his support for common-sense election reforms like voter-ID and proof-of-citizenship requirements for individuals registering to vote, both of which were passed by the Kansas legislature.


There was only one problem for the protesters — they were in the wrong room (LOL!). Kobach’s panel was going on elsewhere in the hotel and he was not on the panel that David Keene was moderating or the one that was about to start. When Keene told the protesters that, everyone in the room started laughing at them and they sheepishly folded up their banner and left. They apparently never made it to the actual room where Kobach was speaking.

Kobach, it turns out, was speaking in a different room, on an immigration panel. (He did crucial work on Arizona’s SB 1070, for example.)

And they want us to let them lead us to a better world? As the great Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!”

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Maybe all voters should take this test

February 12, 2012

Yeah, I know. Requiring tests in order to vote is an old trick from Jim Crow days to deny people their right to vote. The idea, having been thus spoiled, will never fly again, even if applied without discrimination to all.

Still, I have some sympathy for saying one can’t vote until getting at least a 75% score on this Civic Literacy Exam. Here’s a sample question:

“What are the three branches of government?”

  • executive, legislative, judicial
  • executive, legislative, military
  • bureaucratic, military, industry
  • federal, state, local

What scares me is how many voters would fail.

My results? 31 out of 33. I missed the Lincoln-Douglas question and one of the economics questions. I hang my head in shame.

How about you?

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