You know that ObamaCare is in deep trouble

When even 56% of Democrats think it’s unconstitutional.

That’s a real achievement you have there, Barry, Nancy, and Harry. Genuine bipartisanship!

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  1. Excuse me! In studying Health law in Graduate school, I have found the law has been very inaccurately represented in the press by so many who have never read, cant read it because of the language or have simply been able to unravel the dense legal language.

    For one thing, it is good for the middle class, and I am Republican but laud the plan.

    It is over 4,000 pages long and yet everyone (except those seasoned bi-partisan legal luminaries who have analyzed it in depth and truly understand it) writes and screams, railing against it all day! For what they hear in dribs and drabs e.g. pulling the plug on grandma hysteria caused the exclusion of a very important part of that bill. Just an example of misinformation and utter ignorance fueled by fear and near legislative illiteracy.

    How many have read and understand the law???? Very few!! Apart from a few of us, not many. The hysteria is baseless and partisan. It is not unexpected because it is a normal human reaction to change BUT could some should speak to the real health lawyers who have read it, understand it and are not partisan.

    The law is a good law. Not perfect but good. It prevents the stranglehold of corporations on the healthcare system. Consequently, I do not understand the basis of the continued aspersions cast on it. Labeling it Obamacare seems to imply that it is bad law. This is laughable because it is not. It is Good law. An incredible and laudable achievement by President Obama.

    It is a good bill. If you say it is not. Tell me your misgivings and wild assertions and I will take apart any misconceptions or flawed interpretations. The anti healthcare bill is hysteria fueled media hoopla and entirely politically driven.

    • Bart says:

      Okay, legal eagle, riddle-me-this: under contract law, how can a party be compelled, under duress, into a contractual agreement with another party, and it still be enforceable. The parties did not assent to the contract of their free will, ergo, neither is obligated. Feel free to consult your common law and get back to me.

      • The issues about duress are pretty self explanatory under the law and you can google many elementary law books to get this information. I fail to see how it relates to the Healthcare Law.

  2. If the majorities of each party think ObamaCare is bad well then, it must actually be good!


    When I find myself in agreement with libtards, I begin to experience extreme self-doubt!

  3. MadAlfred says:

    Why do I get the feeling that mumlawyerlettered2themax is not really a Repub, but a Dem trying to mislead. Color me skeptical about his claims.

  4. JG Montville says:

    Welcome to Laura’s Home on the Web
    America under ObamaCare
    January 6, 2011
    America under ObamaCare, Day 289: insurance rates skyrocket
    Posted by Staff
    The Los Angeles Times reports:

    Another big California health insurer has stunned individual policyholders with huge rate increases — this time it’s Blue Shield of California seeking cumulative hikes of as much as 59% for tens of thousands of customers March 1.

    San Francisco-based Blue Shield said the increases were the result of fast-rising healthcare costs and other expenses resulting from new healthcare laws.

    “We raise rates only when absolutely necessary to pay the accelerating cost of medical care for our members,” the nonprofit insurer told customers last month.

    In all, Blue Shield said, 193,000 policyholders would see increases averaging 30% to 35%, the result of three separate rate hikes since October.

    Nearly 1 in 4 of the affected customers will see cumulative increases of more than 50% over five months.
    01/6/11 4:06 AM
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