Attention! The US Economy closes for business in 2027! Please make your final selections…

In this latest installment of Firewall, Bill Whittle highlights an amazing exchange between Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the tax-cheating nitwit who runs our Treasury Department, Timothy Geithner. In it, Ryan points out that spiraling debt means the US economy according to the administration’s own numbers will cease to operate around 2027. Geithner agrees — and then admits there is no plan to deal with the problem:

Scary, isn’t it? And infuriating; the administration knows full-well that its policies will lead to a Greece-like fiscal meltdown, and yet they act as unconcerned as the grasshopper in the face of approaching winter.

Except in this case, the Democratic grasshoppers are endangering all our futures, not just their own.

As Whittle points out (and expounds on at greater length in this video. Do watch.), the problem is entitlement spending. We have enough revenue to pay for all the functions of government from the military to the post office, but the burgeoning costs of entitlements are forcing us to spend more and more and borrow more and more. At this time, we borrow just over forty cents of every dollar the federal government spends. That money has to be paid back with interest, and that interest will go up as our credit gets further downgraded. (Which, on the current path, is almost inevitable.) And that’s just what we’re borrowing now; as time goes on and entitlement spending increases thanks to an aging population and the costs of ObamaCare, there will be a need to borrow even greater amounts as a percentage of total spending, until one day our creditors wake up and realize we’ll never be able to meet our payments, and so stop lending us any more.

At which point the entitlement system collapses, our economy shuts down, and we come to the end of that downward spiral only to find ourselves not in a paradise of Unicorns and lollipops, but on the burning streets of Athens.

Forget 2012. Think 2027.

Now, if I were a cynic, I’d say that’s the plan in the back of the progressives’ minds: “reforms” that only seem to solve the problem, but actually set up greater crises that will eventually have the public demanding “progressive” solutions — greater government intervention and direction of the economy, with higher taxes to pay for it all. It’s Marxist philosopher Andre Gorz‘s concept of “non-reformist reforms.”

But… nah. I couldn’t be that much of a cynic, could I?

Yes. I. can.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. While Whittle is, by his own description, running around with his hair on fire screaming warnings (and justly so), we have choices. Republicans have proposed three alternative budgets in recent weeks, any one of which will solve our entitlement crisis, restrain spending (the root of the problem), and emphasize pro-growth policies that will allow us to eventually balance the budget, pay off our debts, and prosper.

But, let’s be honest. That will only happen if We The People do what it takes this November to make it happen: defeat Barack Obama, take the Senate, and hold the House. The Democrats must be crushed. (1)

Otherwise 2012 may be the final bell before 2027.

RELATED: If you want to see “non-reformist reformism” in action, have a look at Steven Den Beste’s essay on Obama’s preferred outcome in the ObamaCare case now before the Supreme Court.

(1) In a peaceful, electoral manner, of course. Just in case some Lefty was about to start hyperventilating about “violent rhetoric.” They’re so excitable.

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3 Responses to Attention! The US Economy closes for business in 2027! Please make your final selections…

  1. T says:

    I am a female of the independent party. I say, “give me a better choice”. Have you seen the slate of Republican candidates? Is this the best we can do? Really?

    Every year Americans, including myself are faced with the awful predicament of choosing between the lesser of two BAD choices to lead this great country. Really???

    IF a party, ANY PARTY, could put forth a viable, intelligent, well-rounded, level headed, strong candidate who would put doing “the right thing for the country and it’s people” ahead of it’s party and/or religious beliefs the whole country would back him/her.

  2. […] On the other other hand, Ryan’s proposal has been honed by two years of internal debate and ridiculous political attack from outside. Republican legislators have seen it a few times and have had time to get comfortable with it. That’s important because, as you’ve no doubt noticed, the GOP contingent in Congress is more skittish than a herd of meth-amped gazelles at a Lion Jamboree. The more time they’ve had to hear and read the arguments for Ryan’s budget, the more comfortable they will be when they have to use them. And they will have to use them because, this time around, we simply can’t let them sit on the sidelines while the left shreds another good budget proposal. We can not allow a single Republican legislator to continue in silence while we careen toward the death of our entire economy. […]

  3. […] debt, we borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend, our out of control entitlements are going to eat us alive, our real unemployment rate is 14.5%, fewer people are in the work force than at any time in the […]

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