Joining Blogs4Mitt

May 5, 2012

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If you look over to the sidebar on the right, you’ll see a new graphic, announcing this Public Secrets’ membership in “Blogs4Mitt,” a site linking independent bloggers who support Mitt Romney’s candidacy for president. The founder is “Rusty Shackleford” of My Pet Jawa fame, and he explains his reasons for doing this:

The primary season is all but over and Mitt will be our nominee. In 2004 bloggers rallied around George W. Bush and I was part of that movement. Together, we helped President Bush beat the challenge by John Kerry.

It’s time for us to do the same for Romney. Can we really afford four more years of Obama’s failed economic policies?

The legacy he is leaving our children is one of perpetual debt to China and dimmer job prospects to be able to pay off that debt.

In 3 years the Obama Administration has managed to borrow more money than the previous administration did in 8. And what does the country have to show for it? Higher gas prices, unemployment at record highs, and an economy so sluggish that at this growth rate it would take another four years just to get us to pre-recession employment levels



If we want to defeat Barrack Obama we need to stop fighting each other and unite in our fight against him now. That means turning the blogosphere’s attention on Obama, and the man who will replace him — Mitt Romney!


And let me add to Rusty’s bill of indictment: Obama’s contempt for the Constitution; his sneering at the rule of law; his near-total incompetence and weakness in foreign affairs; his cronyism that time and again has rewarded political backers at the expense of others; and a campaign of slice-and-dice that seeks his reelection by desperately turning us against each other. And so much more.

You want examples, the archives are in the sidebar.

The time to say “Yeah, but…” about Mitt Romney is over. He wasn’t my first choice, nor my second. But he is all-but the nominee now, and he is so much better than Obama that any suggestion that he would be “more of the same” is nonsensical.

I support Mitt Romney and I do so enthusiastically; I hope you will, too.

Because we can’t afford four more years of the worst president since James Buchanan.

PS: Romney 2012.