Andrew Malcolm pops Obama’s ego balloon

Background in this post about Obama or some sycophant on his team inserting Obama into every biography of every president from Coolidge on, except Gerald Ford.

With regard to Ford, Malcolm observes:

The only modern president left out of the Obama bio adjustments is Gerald Ford. But the All-American football player, lawyer, wartime lieutenant commander,  veteran House member and Minority Leader and vice president had an actual resume when assuming office.


Malcolm, you meanie.

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3 Responses to Andrew Malcolm pops Obama’s ego balloon

  1. justturnright says:

    I’m guessing that Obama’s decision to leave himself out of one president’s bio chosen was chosen at random.
    He simply didn’t want to put himself into ALL of them.

    That would be crass.

  2. justturnright says:

    He keeps lowering the bar for presidential behavior, as if it’s a limbo contest.

    Class act is right.

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