Convicted domestic terrorist stalks conservative writers

I haven’t had time to write about this story, thanks to jury duty, but it’s one that needs to be passed along. Thankfully, my blog-buddy ST is on the case:

When you get into the business of writing about politics and current events, whether you do it for the love of it, the money, or both, you set yourself up for being a target of your political opposition.  It is the nature of the beast. Most of the time  if the opposition isn’t trying to counter your points respectfully,  they’ll just laugh at you and/or call you nasty names over a period of time and move on. Other times they won’t move on, but they won’t carry it any further than just online word wars. But there are also cases where it can escalate way beyond that into territory it never should – where people’s families, homes, and livelihoods are directly targeted, threatened, and negatively impacted by thugs who have absolutely no concept of what “freedom of speech” means, and who believe there are no boundaries/limits whatsoever that they shouldn’t be allowed to cross in trying to “shame” those who they oppose.  Such is the case with Brett Kimberlin, a despicable human being who has waged a disgusting campaign of legal terror and abuse against conservatives who write truthful articles about him and his domestic terrorism past.   The man is vile. Absolutely vile:

Be sure to read the rest, and also the first link to Aaron Worthing’s original report on this nightmare. It’s in situations such as these that free speech meets its test, and when writers Right, Left, Center, or apolitical have to stand together in support of this crucial principle — and of the people under attack.

Let the Brett Kimberlins of the world know they cannot get away with this crap.

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