Next, Mayor Bloomberg has police make sure you cut your meat into small pieces…

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Mayor Bloomberg is a wretched human being. He’s an ultra-rich limousine liberal who wants to impose his views on ordinary people.

I’ve previously written about his statist efforts to ban bake sales, and I’ve noted with mixed feelings his proposal to tell food stamp recipients what they’re allowed to buy.

Now he wants to criminalize large sodas. Holman Jenkins writes about this silly idea in the Wall Street Journal.

Mike Bloomberg’s move to regulate the size of sodas sold in his city illustrates why it’s a good thing he is a mayor of New York and not the czar of all the Russias. American big cities tend to be one-party states to begin with, but at least their totalitarian impulses end up being merely cute because they’re so easy to evade. Under the Bloomberg plan, any cup or bottle of sugary drink larger than 16 ounces at a…

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  1. MadAlfred says:

    The irony here. of course, is that people will buy many more smaller drinks to make up for the outlawed big gulps, thus necessitating the use of more plastic cups which will end up in the landfill. Smart move by the rich Napoleonic dictator of NYC.

  2. Bob says:

    Nanny Bloomberg is a blooming idiot.

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