Foot-in-mouth disease is an inheritable trait?

That may be a profitable line of research worthy of a government grant! While speaking off-the-cuff at a political event in North Carolina, Beau Biden, former Delaware Attorney General and son our illustrious vice-president, said the following:

At the N.C. Democratic Party’s annual fundraising dinner, Biden mentioned that Romney didn’t seek a second term as Massachusetts governor, suggesting his failed economic policies hurt him. “I’ve never met a successful politician who didn’t run again,” said Biden, the Delaware attorney general.

Instead of laughs, Biden’s remark was met with groans from the audience. Why?

Because North Carolina’s own governor, a Democrat, has chosen not to run for a second term. Awkward…

Maybe Beau was making a loving Father’s Day weekend tribute to Joe. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

via Jazz Shaw

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2 Responses to Foot-in-mouth disease is an inheritable trait?

  1. Ha…Plugs must be so proud. In my view…politicians who continually run for re-election are not ‘successful.’ Instead, they have often merely figured out that they are on the gravy wagon…and are to greedy and comfortable to get off. We need more politicians who exercise self-imposed term limits. Thanks for the laugh!

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