June 21, 2012

We are ruled by such idiots. And it’s our fault for electing them.

Watts Up With That?

If the looming spectre of rising electricity prices due to CARB’s upcoming “cap and trade” isn’t enough, now the Department of Water resources has opted to be less efficient by giving low cost electricity the boot. Somebody else will buy it, so there’s no net savings other than banking “feel good” capital.

From the green section of the Chico News and Review:

Coal-fired plant gets the boot

Department of Water Resources will not renew lease with Nevada plant

This article was published on 06.21.12.

California’s Department of Water Resources will not renew a lease with the coal-burning Reid Gardner Power Station in Moapa Valley, Nev., as part of a recently released climate action plan.

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(Video) Why Obamacare cannot work: rights vs. commodities

June 21, 2012

Our discussion of “rights” in America is all muddled up. We’ve taken the concept of “natural rights — those rights inherent in Man and existing prior to any government– and mixed them up with social policy advocacy and personal desire.  In other words, “my right” becomes a disguise for “I want.” Sandra Fluke’s demand that government (i.e., the taxpayer) pay for her birth control is described as a “right to health care.”

And, as we all know, a right cannot be denied.

In this latest Firewall, Bill Whittle explains why health care and other commodities (those things we pay for, such as food, cars, and health care) can never be considered “rights” and why, because of that, ObamaCare cannot work and is, indeed, dangerous to our rights:

RELATED: For more on “commodities as rights,” have a look at this overview of FDR’s “second Bill of Rights” and check out top left-liberal scholar Cass Sunstein’s book “The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever.” It really is the progressive wish list.

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(Video) Nigel Farage on the EU: We’ve effectively been led by a group of ex-communists to a total disaster

June 21, 2012

Via The Right Scoop, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is interviewed on the FOX morning show about the assertion by European commission president Jose Manuel Barroso that the US is responsible for the financial crisis in Europe. Click the image to watch:

In one sense, Barroso is right: the poor decisions made under the Clinton administration (and then defended by Democrats under Bush) regarding the bundling of sub-prime mortgages and then selling them as federally backed investment instruments did infect the financial system and did cause major damage.

BUT… As Mr. Farage points out, the real problem in Europe is an artificial, unsustainable currency, the Euro, and the political union that foisted it upon nations not ready for such a project. That is the real, core problem of the EU and the debt crisis in Europe. That, and a failure of leadership from leftover lefties who think the answer is more cowbell.

Anyway, enjoy the interview. Farage is always a pleasure to listen to, especially when skewering the statist popinjays of the European Union in the EU parliament.

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