June 23, 2012

Sigh. When “global warming” made people roll their eyes, the alarmists trotted out “climate change.” Now, when the whole “climate whatever” edifice is crumbling, they fall back to “sustainable.” In the end, it’s all about control — of them over us.

Watts Up With That?

The UN’s Rio+20 agenda would harm health, welfare and nature – and make poverty permanent

Guest post by David Rothbard and Craig Rucker

Twenty years ago, the Rio de Janeiro “Earth Summit” proclaimed that fossil fuel-induced climate change had brought our planet to a tipping point, human civilization to the brink of collapse, and numerous species to the edge of extinction. To prevent these looming disasters, politicians, bureaucrats and environmental activists produced a Declaration on Environment and Development, a biodiversity treaty, Agenda 21 and a framework for the Kyoto climate change treaty.

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(Video) #FastAndFurious “Follow the ideology”

June 23, 2012

Or, as Bill Whittle asks at the end, “Have you no shame?” (1)

The ideological reasons behind Operation Fast and Furious are still speculation, but, given the far-left agenda subscribed to by both Obama and Holder, the idea that this might have been aimed at imposing strict gun control is not unreasonable. And it is more than reasonable that Congress should investigate this.

Oh, wait. I forgot. Someone invoked executive privilege to block that investigation.

Meanwhile, somewhere, Dick Nixon laughs.

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(1) In fairness, while most of the media has dutifully ignored a Democratic president’s scandal —in which people died!— CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson has done a great job from the start.

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