Rule 5 Friday: guns and bikinis edition

July 13, 2012

Now this is an army!

The Daily Mail explains:

Standing confidently on the beach, with a rifle casually slung over her shoulder, you would think twice about knocking over this woman’s sandcastle.   

The bikini-clad subject is thought to be a solider and a member of the highly-trained Israeli Defence Forces. 

Since the surprising photo, snapped in Tel Aviv, was posted on the internet it has gone viral with many users reacted with shock at seeing such a hostile weapon on a sunny beach.

Some internet users were perplexed as to why the woman in the photo would be at the beach with a rifle- which does not appear to have a magazine loaded – but not in her uniform.

But other users were quick to point out there could have been practical reasons for the solider to take the weapon to the beach.

Under Israeli military regulations, if members take their weapon out from their military base they must keep them near at all times.

Once again, the Babes of Democracy rule. (Here, too.)

PS: There actually is a roleplaying game called “Macho Women With Guns.”

July 13, 2012

And, in fact, just today we learn the Obama Admin. has gutted the Clinton-era welfare reform, giving people even more incentive to stay dependent.

International Liberty

I wrote last year about the way in which welfare programs lead to very high implicit marginal tax rates on low-income people. More specifically, they lose handouts when they earn income. As such, it is not very advantageous for them to climb the economic ladder because hard work is comparatively unrewarding.

Thanks to the American Enterprise Institute, we now have a much more detailed picture showing the impact of redistribution programs on the incentive to earn more money.

It’s not a perfect analogy since people presumably prefer cash to in-kind handouts, but the vertical bars basically represent living standards for any given level of income that is earned (on the horizontal axis).

Needless to say, there’s not much reason to earn more income when living standards don’t improve. May as well stay home and goof off rather than work hard and produce.

This is why income redistribution is…

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A third-party vote is a vote to reelect Obama

July 13, 2012

You’re doing what??

Look, I get the frustration: you don’t like Obama, you distrust Romney, there’s no “real conservative” in the race. No one who represents you. I get it; I’ve felt it myself at times, too. (1)

But splitting the Right is the surest way to reelect the president:

A former Virginia Congressman may be placing the critical state of Virginia squarely in President Obama’s win column. Virgil Goode, who represented Virginia’s 5th district as a Republican from 1997 to 2009. Now Goode is the presidential nominee of the Constitution Party and might be on the November ballot in his home state. The Washington Times reports that some polls indicate Obama already leads Romney in Virginia.


Some on the right clearly remain dissatisfied with the GOP nominee for president and obviously Goode counts himself among them. Goode spoke with WMAL radio this morning and faced tough questioning from hosts Brian Williams and Bryan Nehman, neither of whom took Goode’s candidacy seriously as anything but a boon for President Obama.

Williams and Nehman are spot on. While Mr. Goode has every right to run for president, splitting the vote on the Right raises serious risks of handing the vote to Obama.  In a normal election between candidates well-within the mainstream of American politics, fine, vote your conscience. If the Constitution Party matches your principles, go for it. If you want to write yourself in as a protest vote, be my guest; I’ve done it a few times, myself.

But not this election.

Barack Obama is the worst president of the last 100 years, maybe since James Buchanan. He and his progressive/Socialist/corporatist/New Left/whatever allies who run the Democratic Party are running this country hard into the ground, doing it serious long-term fiscal harm, dividing people along class and ethnic lines, and conducting a foreign policy so incompetent that they are succeeding in making the world a far more dangerous place.

You may not like Romney. I understand. But do you really think there’d be no difference with four more years of Obama, with 2-3 more Supreme Court picks coming? With as lawless an administration as we’ve seen in our lifetimes?  With the military being gutted? With the treasury borrowing like a gambling addict? With energy prices forced to skyrocket because of federal policy? Like I’ve said before, hold your nose if you have to, but vote for Romney and concentrate on giving him as conservative a Congress as possible, so that he’s forced to swing Right if he wants to be successful.

But don’t give in to the temptation to vote for a third party; that way lies ruin.

via Anthropocon

(1) I wanted Palin or Perry. I got Romney. I’ve been there.

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