Quote of the evening, on “Muslims, Mormons, and the Left”

September 14, 2012

Via The Diplomad, regarding the administration’s desperate attempts to convince people a poorly made video really was responsible for this week’s deadly fiasco in North Africa:

OK. Got it. This administration and its echo chamber press are against insulting religion. No works of “art” should be permitted that insult religion. We need a loophole in the first amendment. Got it.

So when outraged mobs of Mormons storm and gut the theaters running the Broadway play “Book of Mormon,” we can expect Obama and Clinton and the Hollywood glitterati to side with the mob? 

Just wondering about the size of that loophole in the first amendment.  

It’s more than disgusting to see an American president and a supposedly free press throw our natural right of free speech under the bus.



Hearing her master’s voice? @stefcutter cites Chinese news to attack Mitt Romney

September 14, 2012

Barack Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, retweets an article critical of Mitt Romney from a Communist Chinese news agency:

Well, hey, y’know? Her boss has borrowed all that money from China, she’d better listen to what they say!

Mitt Romney: attacked by Red China.

Barack Obama: endorsed by Hugo Chavez.


PS: In case you were wondering, this is indeed the same Stephanie Cutter who was caught in a horrific lie when Priorities USA tried to link Mitt Romney to the death of a woman from cancer.

via David Steinberg

UPDATE: It’s evidently the coordinated Democratic talking point of the day. No mention of dead diplomats or burning embassies, though.

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