Obama’s apology tour and last night’s debate

I didn’t watch the debate last night (1), but I saw on Twitter that Governor Romney went after the President for his simultaneously smug-yet-craven “apology tour” of the Middle East in 2009. Obama, of course, denied that’s what he had done, but Romney wouldn’t let it go. And, sure enough, it appears as an ad today. I think it’s effective:

It works on several levels, contrasting the chaotic, anti-American  state of the Mideast today, without mentioning it, to Obama’s pusillanimous attempts to curry favor there just three years ago. It leaves the viewer asking, “What good did he do?” The answer isn’t good for Obama.

Compare how the two men are presented, too: Romney as respectful, but firm and in-command of the facts. Obama, on the other hand, looked… odd. Like a petulant student mocking his teacher by staring too intently, almost a caricature. While one could argue that’s just the editor at work, from what I read last night, that was the demeanor of both men through much of the debate. If so, I think the average American liked what they saw in Romney, and quite the contrary in Obama.

We’ll see in the next few days as the polls begin to account for last night.

via Power Line

1) Hey, football was on! There are priorities in life, ya know.

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4 Responses to Obama’s apology tour and last night’s debate

  1. Yeah, Petulant is the perfect word;
    I used it myself this morning.

    Obama came across as a whiny Prince having to deal with a commoner whom he completely despises.
    It was unmistakable to all but the totally brainwashed, and I feel it’s the proverbial final nail.

    Buy-bye, Barack…..

  2. wildninja says:

    The intense stare was quite odd. Not good PR for the Obama camp.

    Romney was right on about the apology tour. It was a disgrace.

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