I knew NYC Mayor @MikeBloomberg was an arrogant, statist ass…

“Death? Chaos? There’s a race to run!”

But I never knew just how monumental and perfect an ass until now:

Staten Island pleads for help: “We are going to die!”

Per the Mayor: “Screw Staten Island, the marathon must go on!

And to think Bloomie has had presidential ambitions. How’s that looking now, pal?

I bet they wish Rudy were still in charge.

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One Response to I knew NYC Mayor @MikeBloomberg was an arrogant, statist ass…

  1. leelu says:

    Here’s the money quote from nanny Bloomberg:

    “We are, over the next few days, going to have to work out some procedures to make sure people can get food,” Mayor Bloomberg insisted.

    Let that sink in. Like New Orleans in Katrina, whose disaster preparedness plan amounted to “We should have one”.

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