Quotes of the Day: Churchill on the election

November 11, 2012

Shamelessly lifted from Steven Hayward. These seem very apropos:

On questions of economic law is does not matter at all what the electors think or vote or say.  The economic laws proceed.  (1929)

“All men are created equal,” says the American Declaration of Independence.  “All man shall be kept equal,” say the British Socialist Party.

It is an error to believe that the world began when any particular party or statesman got into office.  It has all been going on quite a long time. . .

Nothing would be more dangerous than for people to feel cheated because they had been led to expect attractive schemes which turn out to be economically impossible.

The Left is going to learn the truth of that first one not too long from now.

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New blog category: “Elections have consequences,” and more ObamaCare layoffs

November 11, 2012

I’ll not hide my feelings: I think the United States made a terrible mistake reelecting Barack Obama and letting the Democrats retain the Senate, and California accelerated its long swirl down the economic drain by approving Proposition 30 and giving the Democrats two-thirds control of the legislature. The problems people want fixed –a sclerotic economy, unemployment, national and state debt, foreign threats– aren’t going to be fixed under the Left’s policies. In fact, things will more likely get worse before they ever get better, and these developments will stem from the choice Americans and Californians made last November 6th.

In fact, it’s already started.

And because I believe in holding people accountable for their actions, I’ve created a new category, “Elections Have Consequences,” to record those developments I think stem from the voters’ bad choices.

Here’s the latest: because ObamaCare and all the increased costs it imposes on business is the law for at least the next four years, Papa John’s Pizza is reducing employees’ hours:

John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza announced he will likely be forced to cut back workers’ hours because of the cost to businesses of the federal government’s takeover of our healthcare system.

Provisions of Obamacare state that employees that work 30 hours a week or more will be automatically considered full-time and must be included in their company’s healthcare insurance program. Currently, the eligibility threshold for health insurance is a 40-hour work week, so adding those who work 30 hours a week will cost businesses exponentially more. The higher cost associated with this change is forcing many businesses, especially those in the food service industry, to consider limiting workers to less than 30 hours a week.

In essence, implementation of Obamacare will cut the weekly take home pay of millions of low-wage workers by forcing companies to cut their hours.

This is part of a growing trend by companies toward part-time employment to control costs imposed by the government.

My blog-buddy Sister Toldjah has a post up on the laughable reaction of lefties to this news, calling for these “evil” companies to be punished with boycotts, etc., for daring to cut costs. This serves as yet more proof of my theory that, to be a good a progressive, you have to surrender all knowledge of even basic economics.

I mean, what do they expect? It’s in the nature of any organism, whether an individual or a corporation, to do what is necessary to avoid pain. If something is too hot, you move away from it. If costs are too much, you do what you can to reduce them — and ObamaCare has a built-in incentive to cut employee hours.

Schnatter isn’t evil for his decision. Quite the contrary, he’s doing the right thing to preserve his business before it’s taken down by unsustainable costs. Better that people have 29-hour jobs than none, right? Of course, living on those 29 hours will be tough, but, well, that’s what people voted for, even if they didn’t know it or refused to believe it.

Elections have consequences.

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