How the U.S. Could Take Out Syria’s Chemical Weapons

They laughed me in Vienna, the fools!

This is a job for SCIENCE!!!

Three words: “molten, metallic foam.”

We really do have all the best toys!


4 Responses to How the U.S. Could Take Out Syria’s Chemical Weapons

  1. Jay Crawford says:

    When we are finally rid of political-correctness, some notice should be take of the fact that these destroy/neutralize-in-place weapons deliver spectacularly-JUST consequences to the people who work for our wicked totalitarian enemies. Since the CBU-107/BLU-119/Vulcan Fire weapons expose those people to the products of their own complicity with evil, I hereby suggest the DTRA (Defence Threat Reduction Agency) be re-named the DTARA (Defence Threat A** R**ing Agency).
    Its motto: ” ‘Cause sometimes we gotta make it hurt”.

  2. Jay Crawford says:

    Oh, and let’s give the Agency (pronounce “DeeTarAh”) a theme song based on “Kitten Kong” from the “Goodies” episode of that name:
    “Oh, Lord! Those bombs!
    DeeTarAh…Here it comes
    DeeTarAh…Here it comes
    DeeTarAh…Here it comes
    Look out! DeeTarAh’s gonna get you! Waooowwwwwww!!!!!!!”

  3. Jay Crawford says:

    Oops! Typo error should read: Defence Threat A** R**ing Agency
    Would you please correct that error-of-omission in my first post, Phineas?
    Thank you, sir…and be the DeeTarAh in your day.

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