More death wishes against the NRA

I wonder if it occurs to fans of gun-control or gun elimination that some of the things their “mainstream” people say are for more violent and incendiary than almost anything coming from even fringe 2nd amendment defenders?

Nah. That would require a sense of irony, shame, and self-awareness. Or even basic sentience.

Anyway, the latest (1)  in a growing line of liberal “thought leaders” fantasizing about violence against gun-rights advocates is Assistant Professor Erik Loomis of the University of Rhode Island, who retweeted  a death wish against those who advocated arming some school personnel: (Language warning, and so below the fold)

Proof that Loomis retweeted this. And yes, this man is teaching the young adults of America.

You can read more of his intellectual spew at Twitchy.

(1) Yesterday, we saw another liberal who goes by the Twitter handle “The Angry Democrat” fantasize about an armed attack on NRA headquarters. And we’re the angry ones?

One Response to More death wishes against the NRA

  1. Went to Twitchy and read that verbal vomit, folks like this Loomis character are more frightening than a lawfully-armed citizen. I met my fair share of his kind in graduate school (professors and grad students comprised the majority of my social circle), but this rhetoric is unhinged; borderline sociopathic. He should not be teaching anyone at this point until he can be further evaluated.

    -just thinking out loud here, but people like this seem to exhibit the kind of demeanor of a mass rampage shooter much more so than your everyday gun owner.

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