We missed the fiscal cliff (for now), so have a heaping helping of pork to celebrate!

So, a bill meant to address our growing fiscal crisis (hah!) is also loaded with hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of dollars in pork. You know, those special allocations, set-asides, and tax cuts that constitute taxpayer-funded welfare for some or another group that congressmen and senators are trying to buy votes and donations from.

The Washington Free Beacon has an “interesting” video on the topic:

pork interview CNN

And they wonder why the public increasingly holds Congress in contempt.

Okay, I know some of these measures may have a rational justification, but there’s just way too many that are nothing more than payoffs to favored constituents. It’s corrupt and corrupting, and it has to stop.

I think the Confederate constitution had a clause limiting any piece of legislation to one topic, so this kind of thing couldn’t happen. (Pork is an old bad habit of this Republic.) I think something similar might be a good idea for the U.S. Constitution, too.

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  1. Derek says:

    The Confederate Constitution also gave the President a line-item veto, and limited him (or her, in these enlightened Confederate times) to a single six-year term. Jeff Davis had more integrity in his little finger than Lincoln, his cabinet of rascals and that ugly Civil War Congress put together.


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