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Your host saw this same phenomenon at The Day Job: person after person who voted for Obama and the Democrats upset that they were taxed more… just as Obama and the Democrats promised, if you were paying attention. Trouble is, they weren’t. God love the low-information voter. smiley d'oh!

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Happy New Year and happy payday! Thank goodness our “lord and savior” Obama signed the fiscal cliff bill into law after proudly proclaiming, “Under this law, more than 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small businesses will not see their income taxes go up.”

Promises, promises.

While PolitiFact will likely rate Obama’s statement “Mostly Swoon,” around 70 percent of Americans are going to pay more taxes in 2013. If you like your payroll taxes (and even if you don’t), you can keep them andpay two percent more than you did in 2012.

Earlier this week, many Americans realized the “fair share” fiscal cliff deal didn’t seem so fair. One Democratic Underground commenter was a little behind yesterday and was shocked — shocked! — to learn that the fiscal cliff crapwich didn’t extend the payroll tax holiday. (They don’t call ’em DUmmies for nothing.)

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