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Um… no. Just, no. If you want a “President for Life,” Rep. Serrano, Venezuela may be more your style.

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We’re still a couple of weeks from the inauguration, but Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) is already looking forward to 2016 and beyond. The congressman yesterday reintroduced a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment establishing term limits for the president.

Even before that, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee would have to bring the bill to the floor for a vote. That’s not likely, seeing as Serrano introduced the same bill last January, and it died in committee.

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  1. Tregonsee says:

    So much of American Exceptionalism. Not just the President, but significant parts of the country are acting as if this is a Third World banana republic.

  2. Israel P. says:

    No repeal is needed.”We cannot let decisions by dead white men thwart the will of the people.” If 270 electors vote for him, who will throw him out of the White House? SCOTUS will not grant standing to anyone for a court challenge.


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