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I have very mixed feelings about this: On the one hand, Giffords is an incredibly sympathetic figure for the nightmare she went through. On the other, I’m left very uncomfortable by the exploitation of her shooting to render invalid and immoral the arguments of those concerned with the preservation of constitutional rights and liberties. One can almost hear the “absolute moral authority card” being played. Beyond that, the “responsible solutions” I suspect Giffords’ group will seek simply don’t address the problem and don’t work.

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Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has made a remarkable recovery after suffering a gunshot to the head during the Tucson massacre two years ago. Today, on the second anniversary of the shooting, she’s ready for her next chapter as the face of the gun control movement.

Monday night, Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly teased the launch of their “broad new effort,” an organization called Americans for Responsible Solutions.

Evidently “responsible solutions” don’t necessarily involve respecting Second Amendment rights.

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