#GunControl : Seriously, don’t annoy Mary Katharine Ham

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) made that mistake, flip-flopping repeatedly on 2nd Amendment issues (running for office as pro-guns, now talking about what to ban), and Ms. Ham has had quite enough. An excerpt from right after Manchin proudly proclaims he doesn’t have an “assault weapon:”

Well, as long as Sen. Manchin doesn’t have an “assault weapon” why not just ban them? Because “things the junior senator from West Virginia owns” is the historical guideline our Founders used to determine what products a free people would retain access to. Manchin was the governor of the state of West Virginia, but his home state thankfully escaped his reign without major gun control. The state earns an admirable 4 of a possible 100 points from the Brady Campaign on the gun control scale. I guess Manchin’s conscience couldn’t operate fully on the issue of guns until after he’d used the NRA’s endorsement to get elected, found a national tragedy to demagogue, and found out the Beltway had his back.

Sarcasm and scorn. Because calling someone a “hypocritical opportunist” just doesn’t quite cut to the bone.

(Of course, it would help if I spelled her name right the first time… D’oh!)


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