January 27, 2013

My vote would be for Labor to get the ax, first, but HUD makes a very worthy choice. (Sorry about the image size. The reblog feature evidently does weird things with images…)

International Liberty

I was asked last week which entitlement program is most deserving of reform.

While acknowledging that Social Security and Medicare also are in desperate need of modernization, I wrote that Medicaid reform should be the first priority.

But I’d be happy if we made progress on any type of entitlement reform, so I don’t think there are right or wrong answers to this kind of question.

We have the same type of question this week. A reader sent an email to ask “Which federal department should be abolished first?”

I guess this is what is meant when people talk about a target-rich environment. We have an abundance of candidates:

But if I have to choose, I think the Department of Housing and Urban Development should be first on the chopping block.


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January 27, 2013

The right to defend one’s property, one’s liberty, and one’s life is a right that pre-exists any government. It is a natural right of all human beings, something that is recognized by the Bill of Rights, rather than granted. Thus I’m not surprised to this survey show that a majority of Americans would engage in civil disobedience, should the government act against the Second Amendment.

In fact, it’s already happening in New York.

International Liberty

I periodically share public opinion data, either because I’m encouraged by the results or because I think that the research helps show how to frame issues.

Examples include polling data on personal retirement accounts, the dangers of big government, support for spending caps, and viability of class warfare tax policy.

But I’ve been very narrowly focused. Just about all the polls I’ve shared have been about some aspect of fiscal policy.

So I was very interested to see a new poll about issues related to the Second Amendment, and I was particularly gratified to see that an overwhelming majority of gun owners would not surrender their constitutional rights if the jackals in Washington approved a gun ban.

Second Amendment Poll Defy Govt

For more information, here’s part of a Washington Times report on the new polling data.

Question 46 in the wide-ranging survey of more than 1,000 registered voters asks if…

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