My vote would be for Labor to get the ax, first, but HUD makes a very worthy choice. (Sorry about the image size. The reblog feature evidently does weird things with images…)

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I was asked last week which entitlement program is most deserving of reform.

While acknowledging that Social Security and Medicare also are in desperate need of modernization, I wrote that Medicaid reform should be the first priority.

But I’d be happy if we made progress on any type of entitlement reform, so I don’t think there are right or wrong answers to this kind of question.

We have the same type of question this week. A reader sent an email to ask “Which federal department should be abolished first?”

I guess this is what is meant when people talk about a target-rich environment. We have an abundance of candidates:

But if I have to choose, I think the Department of Housing and Urban Development should be first on the chopping block.


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  1. leelu says:

    In no particular order, HHS, HUD, DHS, DOE (both of them, Education and Energy). Prune the snot out of the rest.

  2. Pichi says:

    Education, still disappointed that Uncle Ronnie wasn’t able to slay the dragon that Brother Jimmy created to pay off the NEA vote that got him elected in 76!

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