(Video) North Korea’s air force stands ready to destroy us!

Take note, imperialist warmongering aggressors against the People’s Juche Socialism! The Great People’s Democratic Air Force, under the inspired leadership of Supreme Commander Kim Jong-Un, stands ready to annihilate you with one blow — within two minutes!

All in their vintage 1960s-1970s Soviet aircraft.

Quake in fear America. Quake. In. Fear.

Love that retro look!

via Business Insider

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4 Responses to (Video) North Korea’s air force stands ready to destroy us!

  1. Lance Thompson says:

    Mig 21s in the first shots and the end sunset shot, the same aircraft that flew, as miniatures, in Ice Station Zebra (1968). I guess there’s a Soviet Goodwill Aviation store somewhere on the peninsula.

  2. Craig says:

    Why, they probably even have RADAR (gasp)!


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