Brave atheist ducks the question on Islam

March 3, 2013

Talk about the “courage of one’s convictions,” or, in this case, not:

While you may not agree with the views of the new breed of aggressive atheists who have emerged in recent years you have to admire their courage for bravely standing up and speaking truth to power against the various religious institutions whose integrity they seek to undermine. No matter what consequences they might face, they aren’t afraid to lay out their case against religion in terms that are often harsh and sure to offend. 

Here is an example from an article called Facing uncomfortable truths:

In a recent Al-Jazeerah interview, Richard Dawkins was asked his views on God. He argued that the god of “the Old Testament” is “hideous” and “a monster”, and reiterated his claim from The God Delusion that the God of the Torah is the most unpleasant character “in fiction”. 

As you can see, Dawkins has no trouble attacking the Hebrew God in a most direct and uncompromising manner. No atheist wallflower he. 

Asked if he thought the same of the God of the Koran, Dawkins ducked the question, saying: “Well, um, the God of the Koran I don’t know so much about.”

Followed by a quick changing of the subject, I’m sure.

Funny, isn’t it, how brave people are about “speaking truth to power” regarding religion, until it comes to the Religion of Peace? It’s almost as if Dawkins feared violent reprisal, or something.

Not that there’s any reason for that fear. Just ask Theo van Gogh.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dawkins can go back to bravely slagging faiths whose members won’t try to behead him.

Be sure to check out Frater Libertas for the rest.

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Islamic terror plot foiled in UK

March 3, 2013
"I say again, the infidels will never find me!"

Their hero, Anwar al-Awlaki

We’d like to pretend the war with Muslims waging “jihad fi sabil Allah” is over, but they just won’t let us:

Four Islamic extremists admitted plotting a terrorist attack on British soil armed with guns and home-made bombs.

The men were caught after in a massive multi-million pound surveillance operation by police and the security services.

Hidden bugs recorded them discussing methods, materials and targets for a terrorist attack, including using improvised explosive devices.

They downloaded illicit online terrorist instructions, purchased survival equipment and collected thousands of pounds to fund the plot.

Investigators looked on as they organised and undertook physical training and prepared to send others to Al-Qaeda camps in Pakistan.

But they were arrested at their homes in Luton, Bedfordshire, following a huge operation by the police and the security services.

The men involved were Zahid Iqbal, 31, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, 25, Umar Arshad, 24, and Syed Farhan Hussain, 21.

The four were planning an attack they hoped would produce more casualties than the 7/7/05 attacks in London and create another “memorable date.” Fortunately, UK security services noted their suspicious activities and rounded them up before they could put their murderous act of devotion into operation.

Call it a needed reminder that they’re still trying to kill us.

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Mere coincidence: campaign contributions lead to government loans?

March 3, 2013
"Obama loan officer at work."

“Obama loan officer at work.”

Say it ain’t so! “Cause for Action,” which bills itself as a “government accountability” group, took a look at “green energy” loans made by the Department of Energy (1) and found a (not so) surprising correlation between energy companies that made campaign donations and those that were awarded loans (2).

Cronyism in the halls of Chicago-on-the-Potomac? You make the call:

Could the Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program  be characterized as a breeding ground for cronyism in the distribution of loans through the 1703, 1705, and Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Guarantee Programs? (3)

Cause of Action was able to determine, through publicly available data combined with a FOIA production, that for corporations who have received a loan guarantee of any amount, the likelihood that it made campaign contributions increases significantly. Of the data available, 95% (.95) of DOE loan recipients with less than $1 billion in annual revenue documented political contributions by the organization or senior level staff. Comparatively, only 31% (.319489) of similarly sized organizations that did not receive loans made political contributions in one way or another.

So, winners who happened to make contributions outnumbered losing donors by more than three to one. As they used to say on Laugh-in, “verrrryyy interesting!”

Now, you’ll note the report does not say to whom the donations went. But, look at it this way: parties that lose elections rarely get to hand out the big bucks.

But only a racist would see cronyism, here.

via Steven Hayward, who has other examples of Green failures.

(1) Until recently headed by Steven Chu, of Solyndra fame. Those Obama “investments” sure pay off, don’t they?
(2) Also known as taxpayer (that’s us) money either taken from us directly or borrowed on our credit.
(3) That last is, I believe, the program under which electric car-manufacturers Tesla and Fisker got their Green loans. Oddly, principals at both companies are big Obama donors. Small world, eh?

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