(Video) Bill Whittle: President Peevish makes it hurt

March 20, 2013

It struck me recently that I hadn’t posted one of Bill’s excellent Afterburner videos in a while, so here’s a good one to get re-started with. In it, Bill looks at the cuts made, so the administration claims, due to the devastating effects of sequestration and asks, “If things are so tough we have to furlough Border Patrol agents, how come the president can spend our tax dollars on his vacations?” (1)

Remember, kiddies: the sequestration is not a cut in spending, but a cut in the rate of increase of spending. Funny, isn’t it? We could afford that aircraft carrier and the White House tours last year, when we were spending less that we are under sequestration….

(1) To ask that question, of course, is racist. Naturally.

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Honey trap: US missile defense contractor sold secrets to the Chinese for sex

March 20, 2013
"Would you believe..."

“Would you believe…”

It’s amazing how stupid we get when our hormones and feelings are involved: a 59 years old former Army officer, who now works on missile defense, has thrown his career, his honor, and his life away for a woman half his age… who also happened to be a Chinese spy.

“According to the affidavit, the national defense information that [Benjamin Pierce] Bishop passed to [the woman] included information relating to nuclear weapons; information on planned deployment of U.S. strategic nuclear systems; information on the ability of the United States to detect low- and medium-range ballistic missiles of foreign governments; and information on the deployment of U.S. early warning radar systems in the Pacific Rim,” the Justice Department announced yesterday.

The alleged leaks took place between May of 2011 and December 2012, according to DOJ, while the “romantic relationship” supposedly began in June 2011.

Interesting that this comes soon after the Obama administration reversed plans to end Bush-era missile-defense deployments.

Bishop faces up to 20 years for his treason; I think it’s a shame he’s not liable for hanging.

So-called “honey traps” are not at all uncommon in espionage, though I think the Soviets/Russians and other Communist agencies used them far more than we did or do. And men are not the only ones to fall for them: though it’s fiction, the excellent “The Americans” TV show on FX shows an FBI confidential secretary being seduced by an undercover KGB agent.

Stupidity is a universal constant.

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