Quote of the Day: James Madison on making Congress obey its own laws

March 23, 2013

In regard to the duty to serve in the militia and who might be exempt, James Madison said that members of Congress…

“…ought ever to bear a share of the [burdens] they lay on others in order that their acts may not slide into an abuse of the power vested in them.”

(cited in “The Founders’ Second Amendment,” Kindle edition, location 6281)

While Mr. Madison was talking about militia duty, it seems to me that his recommendation is applicable in many, many instances, and as valid now as it was then.

Wise man, that Jimmy M.

March 23, 2013

“Caring about the environment” is just a cover. What they want is more revenue, and “fighting climate change” is the fig leaf used to hide it.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Christopher Horner, CEI

In November, I and CEI sued the Department of the Treasury to produce emails and other records mentioning “carbon”. See Joint_Scheduling_Agreement PDF

I sought emails and other documents from two offices: Environment and Energy (really), and Legislative Affairs. This action after the administration first ignored us, which they followed with an unfortunate stumble, trying to delay us with fees — even absurd and surely anti-‘green’ ones, like $1,800 to photocopy electronic mail, typically copied on a disc for no charge — which fees, even when they’re not mindlessly trumped up like that one, not-for-profit groups which disseminate government information are exempt by statute from paying.

Delay can only work only so well once we file suit, and recently Treasury turned over a first production of approximately 770 pages of reports. Despite its better efforts Treasury managed to hand over some docs that in an…

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