You’re welcome, America: California’s high-speed rail will need a federal bailout

"Train wreck"

“Train wreck”

I just knew it would come to this:

When California finishes tapping out the taxpayers in its state to pay for its nonsensical high speed rail, it will ask the taxpayers of other states to chip in, according to a new Government Accountability Office report requested by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). The GAO report found that the federal government will have to give California an astonishing $38.7 billion in order for the state to complete the idiotic project, footing more than half of the total cost.

Not that California will ever see much, if any, of that money; with Republicans controlling the House and the public increasingly concerned over ludicrous levels of federal spending (and borrowing), there’s going to be heavy pressure not to give Sacramento a dime.

And I call that a good thing.

My fellow Californians passed Prop 1A in a fit of bong-born enthusiasm in 2008, but, since then, public opinion has soured to the point that a majority would just cancel it, largely due to skyrocketing costs. Here are five good reasons this boondoggle should be tossed in dumpster, including the fact that rider numbers –and thus the ticket sales needed to pay off the debt we’re incurring– will never match projections.

(Which is surprising. You’d think millions would flock to ride that opening stretch from Bakersfield to Madera.)

Thankfully, Representative McCarthy and his Republican colleagues are working to block any federal aid to this folly. It’s sad when a federal representative has to work against his state government, but, in this case, call it “tough love.” If Governor Brown and the dreamland progressives in the legislature can’t see the need to kill this lunatic project, someone will have to do it for them. Sadly, my guess is this will only happen after we’ve taken on tons more debt pursuing it.

Why is the left so obsessed with fixed rail? Or does “progressive” really mean “the future as seen from the 1930s?”

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5 Responses to You’re welcome, America: California’s high-speed rail will need a federal bailout

  1. Lance Thompson says:

    Bailouts are what California Democrats call “economic opportunity.”

  2. I’ve always wonder exactly what type of weed they were smoking when they decided to run the route from Bakersfield to Madera, and pass it so close to and mirror the San Andreas. Must have been some Jamaica Red Hair instead of the standard domestic backyard brand.

    • Hey! I’ll stand for the quality of our homegrown Northern CA grass any time. “California: It isn’t just the cheese.” 🙂

      About that route, though, which will cost several million to build, I have no idea what they were thinking. That’s like going from Nowhere to the Middle of Nowhere. But earthquakes are a danger anywhere in the state (and he broader West). Take a look at a fault map, this place is like cracked windshield.

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