The Spirit of Reagan Is Still With Us: The Gipper Crushes Obama in Hypothetical Matchup

April 13, 2013

Now, if only we could find a necromancer to bring Reagan back…. (Or, for science fiction fans, cloning.) Regardless, his current successor makes me realize how starkly better a president the Gipper was.

International Liberty

Barack Obama has stated that he wants to be like Reagan, at least in the sense of wanting to be a transformational figure.

But almost certainly he has failed.

Yes, Obama has increased the burden of government spending, raised tax rates, and created more dependency, but there’s nothing particularly special about Obama’s tenure that makes him different from other statist Presidents such as Nixon, Carter, and Bush.

Nor is there any evidence that he has fundamentally changed the attitudes of the American people.

That may sound like a bold – and overly optimistic – assertion, but check out the amazing results from a new poll. According to a survey of 1,000 adults, Reagan would kick the you-know-what out of Obama, winning a hypothetical contest by a staggering 58-42 margin.

Reagan Obama Poll

By the way, the margin might be even bigger than I’m reporting. As you can see…

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