White House shows its ignorance of US History and culture to the entire world

June 13, 2013

Right there on the White House web site as of 18:15 PST — the papers of the “Founding Founders?”



As opposed to “Unfounding Founders?” You guys slept through every American History class, didn’t you? I mean, come on. Even a Warner Brothers cartoon would have gotten that right.

Or was the editor sequestered?


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U.N. Delegate: a cold summer proves global warming

June 13, 2013

The desperation of the global warming cultists is evident in their pretzel logic and spawned by the Earth’s refusal to play along with their glorious computer models. Amusing and pathetic at the same time. Video at the link. (And here, too. Didn’t realize reblogging would pick up the video.)

Watts Up With That?

CFACT was at the Bonn climate conference (which collapsed by the way) interviewed a number of ahem, shall we say, “interesting” people.

They write:

At the UN Climate Conference in Bonn, Germany, we came across a delegate who explained that the unusual cold weather accompanying the conference (yes, the “Gore Effect” was out in force!) was a perfect example of how global warming is affecting our lives!

You have to watch it to believe it:

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#NSA Interesting observation about the Edward Snowden timeline

June 13, 2013

Neo-Neocon notes the date Edward Snowden left his job at NSA-contractor Booz-Allen, combines that with the assertion that he had been working for them for less than three months, and has an interesting possibility come to mind:

That means that if you count backwards, he had to have started work for Booz no earlier than February 20 and probably significantly later. So, if he was already speaking to [journalist Glenn] Greenwald in February, does this mean he took the Booz job with the purpose of gaining access to the documents and leaking them?

If that’s true, does that change anything in the equation?

I’d say it likely does. I speculated earlier on the possibility (faint, I’ll grant) that Snowden was being used by China or was flat-out their agent. The timing Neo noticed makes it look like there was premeditation involved, even though, as I understand it, Snowden didn’t learn of the NSA data-mining project until he started working on the project for Booz-Allen, which was after he began talking to reporters.

As the great Artie Johnson would have said, “verrrryyyy interesting.”

via Jim Geraghty

PS: Regardless of whether one thinks Snowden is a hero or a villain or a bit of both for what he did, it’s clear to me laws may well have been broken. I think he should face trial and let a jury decide whether he’s guilty of a crime or not.