The Obamacare Problem Isn’t Messaging, It’s Statism

You can bet your bottom dollar that, when the Republicans retake Congress and the White House and move to repeal Obamacare, Democrats will run to the mics to plead that it only needs “a few fixes.” Bunk. It’s a monstrosity and has got to go. Mitchell’s right: the problem isn’t Obamacare’s “messaging;” the problem is Obamacare.

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The political elitists in Washington are worried that the American people are lukewarm – or even downright hostile – about Obamacare.

You can imagine two of them having a conversation, with the first saying, “Don’t these stupid peasants realize we’re giving them stuff?!?” and the second responding “We need the riff-raff in flyover country to feel grateful so they’re more likely to vote in favor of continued dependency!”

It never occurs to them that maybe, just maybe, people value freedom. Or, even if they don’t care about liberty, perhaps they object to the fact that government costs a lot and delivers very little. Nobody likes paying for a steak and getting a hamburger, after all.

But the statists think it’s just a matter of messaging, and this mindset is even seen in news coverage.

Here’s some of what Politico wrote today.

Obamacare MessagingThe Obama administration and its health-law allies are…

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