NASA predicts 8 degrees of warming in the US by 2100

Here’s a good example of a sad, recent phenomenon: “agenda science,” where data is trimmed to fit political needs, observational integrity be damned. Note the use of the years 1970-1999 to calibrate their models, a period of cyclic warming, and the convenient ignoring of cooling (or at least non-warming) periods before and after.

Watts Up With That?

For the National Climate Assessment NASA has produced a model-based prediction of eight degrees Fahrenheit for the continental US by 2100 as the most likely scenario

Story submitted by Ben Bakker

NASA scientists have created a video showing predicted dramatic heating of the continental US between now and the year 2100.  The video and prediction show results of models assuming a rise in CO2 to a low of 550 ppm and a high of 800 ppm by 2100.  The NASA team states that the 800 ppm value is a more likely scenario.  The scenarios based upon their models lead to rises of 4 degrees and 8 degrees Fahrenheit respectively across the contiguous US.  Video follows:

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