God help us: the 2016 presidential race is on

Sigh. There should be a mandatory “shut up, sit down, and no campaigning” rule for the year after a presidential election, just to give us a rest.

But, the realities of American politics are what they are, and potential successors to Barack Obama are already jockeying for position. On the Republican side, my blog buddy ST has a good post about potential candidates appearing in Iowa, a state that we, for some reason I cannot fathom, allow to have a huge influence on the nominating process by going first. Can’t we at least rotate that honor by region?

ST asks what her readers think of the Republican field. Whom do we prefer? I posted a reply there, but I thought I’d post it here, too, just for the record. This is just a preliminary list, mind you, and can easily change with developments. I mean, the first caucuses are over two years away, for cryin’ out loud.

Anyway, here’s my back of the envelope list:

I have my preferences, but, to be honest, I’ll vote for any of the major contenders over any Democrat, unless the Democrats somehow bring back Grover Cleveland.

But, of the current leading/most talked about Republican contenders, my top six (for now) are:

1. Bobby Jindal. A successful governor, good conservative principles, and darned smart.

2. Scott Walker. Another successful governor. Pushed through reforms in the state that gave birth to government unions. Solid as the rock of Gibraltar in the face of fascist union intimidation tactics.

3) Ted Cruz. I love Cruz. He has all the right principles. But I’m leery of promoting another freshman senator to the White House

4) Paul Ryan. Again, really smart, knows government finance in and out, and is a strong advocate of “opportunity capitalism” in the Jack Kemp mold. His advocacy of the current immigration reform bill is a down-mark for me, though.

5) Rand Paul. Again, I like him a lot for his small government conservatism, his ardor to limit the federal government, and his knowledge of and respect for the American political tradition. His foreign policy and national security policies give me pause, though.

6) Chris Christie. I like his style and I like his fiscal conservatism. On other issues, though… Let’s just say he’s a Northeastern Republican, and I’m not.

This is just a quick list, though, and nowhere near set in stone.

PS: You’ll note Marco Rubio is no longer on the list, yet I had been a big supporter of his. The immigration fight made me rethink that support; either he was a utterly cynical hypocrite from before he ran for the Senate, or he’s a naive fool who was played by Schumer and McCain. I don’t know which it is, but he’s going to have to do a lot to make me consider him again.

What do you think? Whom do you like?

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