Dear Donald Trump: Shut up and go away

August 10, 2013

Really, you’re not helping with ignorant crap like this:

The original intent of the natural-born clause was to stop some European leftover prince from coming here, getting himself elected, and turning this into a monarchy. Really, that was a large fear back then, as Europe had (and still has) a surfeit of useless royals. In Senator Cruz’s case, he was born to an American mother in a foreign country, and that’s good enough. He’s more of a “natural American” than most of the people I know, and I suspect he’d make a damn fine president.

I’m sick of birtherism, whichever direction it comes from, and I’m sick of useless showboating attention whores — such as Donald Trump.

Go away, Donald.

GMTA: Moe Lane also has no patience for this nonsense.

UPDATE: From a couple of years ago, a column by Tom Rogan on the constitutional illiteracy of the birthers.