#ObamacareIsWorking, my first Storify

August 17, 2013

Storify is a free service that allows you to collate posts from different social media sites in order to create a coherent… well, story. On Twitter this morning, after reading a propaganda post from OFA, I went on a mini-tirade about all the ways Obamacare is screwing up people’s lives and decided to collect them on Storify. Unfortunately, I can’t post them here, thanks to WordPress.com not allowing any scripts whatsoever (C’mon guys, Typepad does). Here’s a sample, though:

To which I replied:

You can find the rest at Storify.

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US Summer Maximum Temperatures Plummeting Since 1930

August 17, 2013

Well, this will be an “inconvenient truth” for Al Gore. Wonder if he’ll include it in his next book?

via Pirate’s Cove

Real Science

Prior to NOAA data tampering, US summer afternoon temperatures have been plummeting, with the current summer being the eighth coolest on record so far, and almost 3C cooler than 1936.

This does not suit Obama’s agenda, so look for government experts to report the exact opposite of what is happening.

ScreenHunter_322 Aug. 17 06.27

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