Scott Brown 2016? Been there, done that. Updated.

According to the Washington Examiner, he’s thinking about it:

Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown said he is considering a run for president in 2016, saying his party would benefit from his moderate Republican views.

“I want to get an indication of whether there’s even an interest, in Massachusetts and throughout the country, if there’s room for a bipartisan problem solver,” Brown told the Boston Herald by phone Sunday while attending the Iowa State Fair.

The former senator, who lost his re-election bid last year to Elizabeth Warren by more than 7 percentage points, said he isn’t close to making a decision.

Oh, come on. Who would ever be dumb enough to vote for an upstart state senator who served just a few short years in the federal Senate before running for president?

Wait a second….

UPDATE: Moe Lane thinks Brown may be doing this to generate some buzz for himself for a Massachusetts gubernatorial run. At least, he hopes so…


2 Responses to Scott Brown 2016? Been there, done that. Updated.

  1. midwestconservative says:

    He needs to freaking stay in Massachusetts.

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